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In the event of death of a Gabonese citizen, it is recommended to look for a funeral home agency to take care of the paperwork and request that a representative of a funeral home informs the Consulate at (212) 683-7371 to discuss the legal formalities relating to the casket and the repatriation of the remains. Upon request of the Consulate, the funeral home will provide the following:

    • A death certificate issued by the Registrar of Vital Statistics of the State in which the death occurred
    • A doctor’s certificate issued by the Health Department specifying that the related death was not caused by a contagious disease
    • A copy of a birth certificate
    • A gabonese passport or ID Card
    • A certificate of the funeral home certifying that health and funerary regulations were indeed followed, and that the remains will be placed in a hermetically sealed wooden casket.

N.B: The Consulate will make sure to know which airline will take care of returning the remains to Gabon. The Consulate will inform Gabon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will, in turn, inform the family of the deceased. The Consulate will prepare a death certificate at the request of a family member of the deceased.

The cost for the repatriation of the remain will be borne by the family or by an insurance taken out by the deceased during his lifetime.