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Arrest and Incarceration

Gabonese citizens visiting or residing, must comply with the local laws. If you are trying to break the law, you may be arrested or incarcerated.

In case of arrest and incarceration, you can, if you wish, request that the consulate be informed. The Consul in turn, will intervene with local authorities to certify that you are under consular protection of Gabon and inquire about the reasons for your arrest. If you agree, the Consul will seek the necessary permits to visit you to ensure your conditions of detention and compliance with local laws. She will also inform your family about your incarceration.

Collect calls will only be accepted by the Consulate, should you be arrested or incarcerated.

To assist you judicially, the Consulate will offer the choice of a lawyer for your defense. Fees will be entirely at your expense.

For more information please visit the New York City Legal Aid Society.