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Advice to the Community:

  • If you are a Gabonese citizen with a visitor visa (B1 / B2) issued to you for a period of five (5) years, make sure that the period for each stay in the US can not exceed six ( 6) months unless you apply for an extension of your stay. This extension may allow you to stay for up to one (1) year if you can demonstrate that this additional time is necessary to achieve the purpose for which you came. You are strongly advised to comply with this law enforced by the U.S Immigration’s authorities.
  • If you are resident in the host country, we ask you to register with the Consulate of Gabon in New York or the Consular Section of the Embassy of Gabon in Washington. D.C. Registration is voluntary and free of charge.  We encourage you to consider it as an integral part of your security.
  • You are strongly advised to leave your passport, cash, jewerly or any other important documents in a safe place.
  • Take the precaution of making photocopies of all your identification (in case of loss or theft) to facilitate proof of your identity.
  • Should you go out, always carry with you a copy of the first pages of your passport
  • Be extra cautious in touristic places.
  • Do not be addressed in the street by strangers who could offer their services for free
  • Always comply with the regulations in force
  • In the event of arrest or any contact with the police, DO NOT be aggressive or raise your voice and avoid making misrepresentation which could be detrimental to you.  In the event of misunderstanding, you are strongly advised to inform the Consulate at the following number (212) 683-7371 /682-7373 or the Embassy in Washington DC at (202) 797-1000
  • In major crises, comply, first with the instructions of local authorities ready to help. We recommend you visit the website of the emergency center of your state to find out the conduct to  take in case of crisis.  The Consulate will endeavor to raise, by all means, the information for your location, to meet the demands of your family in Gabon. This information will be subsequently relayed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gabon
  • It is prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages to individuals under 21 years of age. You must provide proof of your age by showing your identity card. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages in public areas , in vehicle etc…
  • With regards to obtaining a Social Security Card, We advise you to contact the office of Social Security at : +1 (800) 772-1213

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